At Adams Machining and Welding, we’re a seasoned job shop, specializing in crafting unique parts in small batches for fixes, swaps, or test runs. Our crew of machinists? They’re not just skilled, they’re seasoned pros. They know the ins and outs of which machines to use, which techniques to employ, and which materials will get the job done right, every time.


When it comes to welding and fabrication, we’ve got you covered from simple fixes to full-blown projects straight from the blueprints. Need a hand with design or some prints reviewed? We’ve got the engineering chops to lend support there too.


Here’s a rundown of what we offer: Crafting one-off parts, turning and milling with CNC precision, swapping out outdated parts, horizontal machining, line boring, prototyping and design work, laser cutting, precise machining, parts procurement, heavy-duty welding for big machinery, surface grinding, cylinder work, and even on-site field service.


At Adams Machining & Welding, we’re not just about fixing things – we’re about crafting solutions that last.



Adams Machining & Welding is a division of Dakota Fluid Power which is a business unit of Singer Industrial.

Dakota Fluid Power is a group of manufacturers and distributors in the fluid power industry. We have many locations in the Upper Midwest that service a diverse portfolio of industries such as Agriculture, Construction, On & Off-Highway, Food Processing, Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Railroad, Forestry, and Industrial. The DFP Group focuses on:

  • Fluid Power Unit Manufacturing
  • Fluid Power Product Distribution
  • Fluid power Service & Repair

Dakota Fluid Power is comprised of the following divisions:

Dakota Fluid Power Mission:

We will help you solve your most important fluid power challenges by providing you with innovative products, technical expertise, and a well-stocked inventory. It is our goal to provide unparalleled customer service, unsurpassed quality and competitive prices on all the products and services we provide.